Infrastructure Magazine October 2016

Posted on 07 November 2016

Climate Technical Gear Looks to Central & Western Canada for Growth With New Line

Climate Technical Gear is a 30 year old 2nd generation family-run workwear clothing manufacturer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Clinton Desveaux, marketing & global sales manager is very proud of the company’s history because, in his own words, “Climate Technical Gear has made clothing for some of the most well known brands in the world and we have decided to branch out on our own.”

Everything Climate Gear sells is designed, engineered, tested, and manufactured in Canada.

“The company has 95 employees so we understand what it’s like to be a small to medium size business in a global economy,” points out Mr. Desveaux. “Designing and manufacturing our ‘own gear’ gives us 2 distinct advantages over the competition: first, building it locally allows us to keep our product in stock. If we run out of a size, we can restock in days and not weeks or months. This helps our distributors and dealers to stay well stocked and maximize their customers’ needs. Second, designing it in Canada allows the company to react to customer feedback quickly.”

“We take every bit of feedback we get from our customers seriously in order to make regular updates to our product so that it meets the needs of our customers,” he adds. “Our new line of clothing is called Sevaen, pronounced ‘sevay-en’, and part of the Sevaen line is the new ‘Industrial Series’ jacket and bib.”

Designed specifically for construction and heavy equipment with high visibility accents, it is able to withstand tears and rips and also maintain its waterproof capability.

“We build clothing for construction, fire fighting, and marine purposes,” Clinton Desveaux points out. “Our emphasis is on safety, waterproof capability, and flexibility. I want dealers to carry our Canadian product in Central & Western Canada instead of something made offshore someplace.”

“Climate Technical Gear sources fabrics and trim items from Canada whenever possible. For us, it’s about supporting a Canadian product which we believe is a world class leader in its class,” he concludes.

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