Research and Solutions

All good product designs begin with good research.  That is why at Climate Technical gear we continue to be involved with research and development.  We start with finding out how things work by testing fabrics and other materials in a lab.  We find out what best moves moisture or what insulates the best, what floats and what can burn and what doesn’t.  In the lab we put fabric and material through their paces to better understand how they work and then how they work together.  We are textile experts with a significant bank of knowledge in many areas.
Next we understand how things interact with us.  What keeps us dry when it rains and what keeps us dry when we sweat.  How do we stay warm in the cold and cool in the heat.  What will keep us protected for an electric arc or a sudden burst of flame or steam.  We even study what happens to all of these things when we are in the water trying to survive.  Whatever the element is that you need protection from we have studied it and understand what works.
Last we put everything together to build gear that protects and works.  It is not enough for our gear just to protect but it also needs to be easy to wear and comfortable.  It also needs to be affordable.  Great gear that no one can afford is no better than cheap gear that won’t protect.
We will never stop learning and trying to understand how things work and how they can work for us. We also will never forget that our best lessons have come from the field and from the people who wear our gear. Learning in a lab is great but our real lessons come from you our customers.
At Climate Technical We are more than just a collection of Products.  We are researchers, designers and engineers with diverse and extensive backgrounds.  We have expertise in the elements and hazards that our customers work in and what our products protect against.  We have built our company by listening to our customers and using their feedback to help us get our gear right.    We have also maintained our in house production which gives us a very unique ability to not just design and build new and innovative product for our customers but to do it quickly with the highest levels of quality.  We love to create new things and love the challenges that our customers bring to us.  It doesn’t matter if it is just a simple change to an existing product or an entirely different kind of work gear.  If you have a need, a problem or a safety risk we want to help build gear that will work for you.
We are located in Nova Scotia Canada and are waiting for your feedback and ideas.  Call, email or contact us on social media.  We love communicating with our customers and want to help you to have the best gear for the best price.

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